April 24, 2023

How do you measure success and efficiency of your architecture via performance indicators?

This article focuses on the performance drivers and indicators of success that are used to measure the success of an architecture in terms of speed, scalability and cost. Additionally, the discussion covers benchmarking exercises that can reveal areas for improvement and provide insight necessary to ensure system performance and health.

### Performance Drivers The performance of an architecture is typically measured in terms of speed, scalability, and cost. These performance drivers should be determined in advance to establish success criteria and performance benchmarks. Through thoughtful architecture and design, organizations can ensure that the system they create operates at optimal levels to meet their desired objectives. ### Indicators of Success When assessing the success and efficiency of an architecture, the use of performance indicators can provide key insight into the performance of the system over time. Indicators such as response time and throughput can demonstrate the system's ability to handle user traffic, and ensure that the architecture can handle expected levels of usage. Other indicators such as recovery time, error rate, and availability can be used to measure strength and resilience. ### Benchmarking Once these performance indicators have been selected, benchmarking exercises can be conducted to track the system's performance across varying loads, usage patterns, and operating conditions. This allows teams to identify areas for improvement, and gives architects the insight necessary to inform future design and architecture decisions. Additionally, ongoing benchmarking can serve as an indicator of system health, enabling teams to update their strategies and adjust their architecture as needed.

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