February 27, 2023

How has the transition to working from home been for you, your team, and your boss?

With the world dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, many companies are now relying on the power of remote working to stay productive. For one team in particular, the transition has been a success, enabling them to stay focused on tasks, strengthen their bond and build upon their skillset both professionally and personally. #WFH #RemoteWork #DistanceStrong

Have you reflected about the risks with working from home for a long period of time? 1. Social Isolation: Working from home for an extended period of time can lead to feelings of loneliness and disconnectedness from the team and can decrease motivation. 2. Distractions: Working from home often increases the chances for distraction and can lead to reduced productivity. 3. Lack of Separation of Personal and Professional Life: It can be difficult to create a clear distinction between work time and personal time when working from home, leaving workers feeling overworked and burnt out.

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