March 11, 2023

Is strategy cohesive?

This article discusses the importance of having a cohesive strategy in business and the role communication plays in achieving it. It will explore how communication can help to ensure that all elements of a strategy work together effectively to achieve the desired outcomes and why having an effective communication system is important for any business.


When planning a business strategy, it is important to ensure that all elements work together in a cohesive manner. Without communication between the different parts, a strategy can quickly become disjointed and ineffective. This article will discuss the importance of having a cohesive strategy and how communication can help to ensure that all elements work together properly.

Importance of Cohesion

Having a cohesive strategy is essential for a business to succeed. A cohesive strategy means that each element works together in harmony to achieve the desired outcomes. Without cohesion, individual elements can quickly become isolated from each other and may not achieve their desired results. Moreover, having a cohesive strategy allows for quicker decision making and more effective communication between departments.

The Role of Communication

Communication is an essential component for creating a cohesive strategy. It allows individuals and departments to share information about their plans and goals, resulting in a greater understanding of how each element can contribute to the overall strategy. This can help to ensure that everyone is working towards the same outcome, rather than acting on their own initiative. Additionally, communication also allows for feedback and adjustments to be made as needed. In conclusion, having a cohesive strategy is essential for achieving success in business. Communication between departments is key in ensuring that all elements of the strategy are working together in harmony. By communicating regularly and effectively, businesses can ensure that all elements are working towards a common goal, resulting in a successful and profitable strategy.

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