February 27, 2023

"What are the worst phrases for programmers?"

Writing code is no easy feat - a combination of creativity, problem-solving, and technological knowledge can make it both enjoyable and challenging to be a programmer. That's why it is important to watch the language we use when interacting with programmers to ensure we are not taking their motivation away by using unhelpful phrases. This article looks at seven phrases programmers never like to hear and the more constructive alternatives that should be used instead.

7 Unhelpful Phrases Programmers Never Like to Hear Being a programmer is a challenging but rewarding job, as it requires a fine combination of creativity, problem-solving, and knowledge of the latest technology. Despite this, when one is running into a seemingly never-ending collection of blocks and complications, it can be disheartening to hear phrases that make the job even tougher. Here is a list of seven of the most unhelpful phrases programmers never like to hear. 1. “Can’t You Just Figure It Out?” More often than not, programming tasks require research and strategic problem-solving to get the job done. By simply asking “Can’t you just figure it out?”, you can undo any progress so far and put them back to square one. Instead of asking this throwaway comment, try to provide constructive advice or help them narrow down where the problem might be. 2. “It’s Not That Important” To a programmer, the need for functionality and efficiency can be as important as the final product. When bosses or clients deem coding tasks as “not that important”, it can be disheartening for a programmer who is attempting to create the best possible system with the given resources. 3. “It Didn’t Work Last Time” One of the most disheartening experiences for a programmer is when a code modification doesn’t have the desired effect. When workplace associates express their doubts about a particular solution, it can hurt their confidence in their engineering skills. Instead, it’s far more constructive to praise their efforts and work around the problem together. Overall, the job of a programmer is a difficult one, and these seven phrases definitely don't help! Consistent encouragement and a positive mindset are key elements for coding success. If a programmer is feeling uninspired or stressed, it’s important to take the time to offer genuine words of support and collaborate in finding a solution that works for everyone.

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