May 17, 2023

What motivates you to stay inspired when working on a challenging task?

By understanding the concept of being 'pulled' by our vision and passion, we can take the necessary steps in order to stay inspired and motivated to achieve our goals, even in the face of potential setbacks and moments of self-doubt. Making strides towards any goal can require planning, dedication, and a clear understanding of our vision and the resources needed to reach it.

Making strides towards a goal can often be a difficult process, especially when it involves something we are passionate about. It is common to experience setbacks, moments of self-doubt and even periods of burnout. However, by adhering to the concept of being ‘pulled’ by our vision and passion, we can remain inspired and dedicated to whatever task we may face. Understanding Your Vision The first step towards harnessing our vision is understanding what it is that we’re striving for. Taking the time to define and refine our vision is essential for staying motivated and on track. It helps to set up realistic expectations for our journey and helps us to stay focused. Additionally, considering the possible obstacles we may face and the resources we need to complete the task can help in prevent ineffective decision making and wasting of time. Staying Pulled by the Vision Once our vision is clear, it is much easier to stay aligned with our goals. By surrounding ourselves with positive people and taking action each day towards our vision we can remain inspired and focused. Additionally, improving our mental and physical health can also result in improved concentration and productivity. In summary, Steve Jobs’ idea of being ‘pulled’ by our vision can be an incredibly effective tool in helping us stay passionate and dedicated towards whatever task we may have. By understanding and staying focused on our vision, the enthusiasm it brings can provide the necessary energy and motivation towards achieving success.

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