March 2, 2023

Is there benefit to having a point of view no one else can comprehend?

Holding a unique point of view can allow us to practice tolerance, self-reflection, and open-mindedness in order to develop a deep understanding and inform our beliefs. This article explores the benefits of holding this unique perspective, how it can aid in our quest for knowledge and further our journey of discovery.

The Benefits of Holding Unique Views Having a point of view that no one else can comprehend can seem frustrating. There may be times when you feel like you're screaming into an empty void, trying to be heard and understood but not succeeding. However, there are definite benefits to holding a unique perspective. Develop a Deep Understanding When no one else understands your views, you are compelled to deeply analyze and clarify your own thoughts. This level of exploration and self-reflection can create a deep understanding of the issue at hand. Investigating examples and scenarios that have led you to your beliefs, allows you to articulate your views more clearly should someone come to the conversation with an opposing opinion. Keeps You Open Minded Holding to your views in the face of opposition requires us to practice tolerance and an open-minded perspective. We need to remain open to the views of others and resist responding to our differences from a place of judgement. Not everyone will agree with our perspective, and, in fact, many may even laughed at it. Yet, by standing firm in our beliefs, we can remain open to learning new information and adapting our perspective if we find something that adds to our point of view. At the end of the day, having a point of view that no one else can comprehend has its benefits. Developing a deep understanding and keeping an open mind are two key takeaways. Instead of feeling frustrated and unheard, allow yourself to embrace your view and the journey of discovery it provides.

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